Florida Dui Laws and Consequences

2nd Offense DUI Florida

Overall, a 2nd Offense DUI Florida will carry much tougher penalties than the 1st offense. Generally defined, in the state of Florida, DUI is considered driving with a blood alcohol or breath level of .08 or above.

2nd Offense DUI Florida Cost

2nd offense dui florida why handcuffs

For a 2nd drunk driving offense, a fine of $2,000 or so may be imposed. If your Blood/Breath Alcohol Level is at .15 or higher, or if you have a minor in the vehicle, the fine is doubled—up to $4,000. Though every DUI arrest is different, the charge is nonetheless viewed the same in the legal system. In addition there will be up to 1k in additional costs from the court. Costs for your dui lawyer will vary as well, but you can pencil in 2k to start.

2nd Offense DUI Florida Punishment

Besides fines, you may also face imprisonment as florida dui punishments. If facing jail time, florida dui penalties dictate a prison sentence of up to 9 months. If your Blood/Breath Alcohol Level is at .15 or higher then you may face up to 9 months in prison. Though the courts try to handle every case in a timely manner, you will be subjected to longer periods within the system if do you do not have an attorney representing you. If your offense calls for the impoundment of your vehicle, you may lose your vehicle for up to 30 days as part of florida drunk driving consequences. Also note, a second drunk driving offense carries a minimum of 5 years license revocation with the department of motor vehicles. If driving a commercial motor vehicle, a 2nd Offense DUI Florida will lead to your permanent ban in driving a commercial vehicle (without hardship reinstatement which your Florida DUI Attorney will need to apply for). Since a second time DUI offender is considered a repeat offender, and can be charged with a criminal offense, you must hire a DUI attorney for your defense. Further, a DUI lawyer will try in all possible best to get you a much lighter sentence. In most instances, the court will require you to obtain an FR-44 before getting your license reinstated. Traffic School will be required. A 2nd Offense DUI Florida is can ruin your life, so its best to get a good Florida Dui Lawyer to ameliorate the damage.